Condiments, Sauces & Cooking Essentials


Offers quality Italian tinned tomato products, from whole peeled to pastes, olive oils and balsamic vinegars in bulk packs.

Brand origin: Italy
Halal certified


With a focus on great taste and convenience, Dancing Chef offers a wide range of Asian cooking pastes and sauces that contain no MSG, no preservatives and no artificial colouring. Retail and food service packs are available.

Brand origin: Singapore
Halal certified


Experts in the field of F&B kitchen solutions, Haco offers a wide range of quality time and space-saving dry mixes for soups, stocks and sauces that is free from MSG, trans fat, preservatives and artificial coulouring.

Brand origin: Switzerland
Halal certified


A coconut premium cooking oil that is physically refined 100% natural organic oil, with no added chemicals. It has a neutral flavour and smell, and no trans fat or cholesterol. Suitable for deep-frying.

Brand origin: Malaysia.
Halal certified