We are bringing back our flagship eggrolls specially for you this season! Using only the finest French butter, our eggrolls make a perfect gift and the best treat for you and your loved ones. 

No preservatives, artificial flavours and artificial colours added.

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Mei-Xin "Fatt Choy" Pastries Gift Box (18pcs) <br/> 美心佳品 - 鋪鋪發酥餅禮盒 (18件裝)
"Fatt Choy" Pastries Gift Box (18pcs): Hearty Butter Pastries (8 Pieces) Butter Cookie..
Mei-Xin Trio Deluxe Pastries Gift Box (38pcs) <br/> 美心鬆脆三重奏禮盒(38件裝)
This gift box consists of Almond Mille-Feullies, Hearty Pastries, and our favourite Butter Cookies. ..
Mei-Xin Hearty Butter Pastries Gift Box (22pcs) <br/> 美心甜心酥禮盒(22件裝)
Made using of high-quality butter and a unique double baking technique, our Hearty Butter PAstries c..
Mei-Xin Almond Mille-Feuille Gift Box (18pcs) <br/> 美心杏仁條榛子條禮盒(18件裝)
A perfect union between 192 layers of hand-crafted puff pastry and a bed of almonds. Our Mille-Feuil..
Mei-Xin Assorted Cookies (32pcs) <br/> 美心鬆脆曲奇(32件裝)
Assorted Cookies (32 pieces): Butter Cookies (8 pieces) Hazelnut Cookies (8 pieces) Yuzu Cookie..