Our premium collection of cookies and cookies consists of Trio Deluxe, Almond Mille Feuille and Hearty Butter Pastries. The all-time favourite Mille-Feuille are made with premium butter from New Zealand and the pastry is folded repeatedly, giving 192 layers to the light and flaky Mille Feuille. Our Hearty Butter Pastries are made with a unique double baking technique, giving them a crispy caramel crust! In addition, we are introducing two new flavours in our Assorted Cookies gift tin – Yuzu Cookies and Cashew Nuts Cookies.

This year, we are bringing back the popular MX “Fatt Choy” Pastries Gift Box. Its eye catching packaging was designed to mimic the “發” mah-jong tile and its use of rose gold lends an extravagant air to festive gifting.

These exquisite gift tins are definitely the perfect giveaway during this Chinese New Year!

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Mei-Xin "Fatt Choy" Pastries Gift Box (18pcs) <br/> 美心佳品 - 鋪鋪發酥餅禮盒 (18件裝)
"Fatt Choy" Pastries Gift Box (18pcs): Hearty Butter Pastries (8 Pieces) Butter Co..
Mei-Xin Trio Deluxe Pastries Gift Box (38pcs) <br/> 美心鬆脆三重奏禮盒(38件裝)
This gift box consists of Almond Mille-Feullies, Hearty Pastries, and our favourite Butter Cookies. ..
Mei-Xin Hearty Butter Pastries Gift Box (22pcs) <br/> 美心甜心酥禮盒(22件裝)
Made using of high-quality butter and a unique double baking technique, our Hearty Butter PAstries c..
Mei-Xin Almond Mille-Feuille Gift Box (18pcs) <br/> 美心杏仁條榛子條禮盒(18件裝)
A perfect union between 192 layers of hand-crafted puff pastry and a bed of almonds. Our Mille-Feuil..
Mei-Xin Assorted Cookies (32pcs) <br/> 美心鬆脆曲奇(32件裝)
Assorted Cookies (32 pieces): Butter Cookies (8 pieces) Hazelnut Cookies (8 pieces) Yuzu C..